Friday, October 24, 2008

Time For Me

Today I took advantage of my desire to do something creative. It seems that I have really taken any photos just for the fun of it since I began running the Dgrin challenges. So, I called my friend, Lana, and worked out a deal where she'd pose for me in return for some Halloween costume shots of her daughter. What a deal, eh? Of course, I think she would have worked with me regardless. I was super pleased with how the images turned out. I'll be posting more here over the next few days, but here's one of my favorites.

Other news: We lost a rooster yesterday. We've been having extreme winds and it apparently picked the chicken coop up (a converted dog pen), then dropped it back down right after he stuck his head under it. What a way to go! Hopefully it was quick and painless, but he'd been sick since I'd gotten him and none of my medicating efforts had worked, so I guess it was a blessing. Then, last night, after Hank & Dian had reattached the tarp to the top, the wind decided it didn't like the coop there at all. It picked the whole thing up, turned it upside down and dropped it over the six foot fence and into the backyard. So, here I was, running around at 3am, catching traumatized chickens and throwing them into the old chicken coop (now a garden). Todd and I got a pretty good chuckle out of the whole scenario!

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