Friday, February 13, 2009

Facebook is a blog killer.

Blogs are email killers.
Emails are phone killers.
Phones are personal visit killers.
Makes you wonder what's next.

Actually, due to facebook I'm in much better contact with my extended family than I've ever been before and I am very thankful for that. It's is an amazing world that we live in. In my lifetime I've seen dial phones to cell phones, coin operated TVs to HDTV Wall Mounted Flat Panels, manual typewriters to computers that get bigger (or smaller), better, faster, more every day. Environmental awareness has been around all of my lifetime, but I still see an astounding amount of waste. Makes me more than a little afraid for the future of the planet we have been entrusted with.

I just finished listening to a 6 part sermon series by Andy Stanley called Balanced. It was fascinating to me. It's all about money, how we think about it and how we handle it, and how that affects our relationship with God. I've never much cared for churches talking about money, but I eagerly looked forward to each new week of this series. I have to say I don't think any other sermon has ever affected my life so profoundly. I feel like I've been shown a path that will lead to increased peace in my life - and I totally plan to take it.

Photo: Kyle O'Neal, Worship Leader at Church at The Well


Kyle O'Neal said...

Twitter kills my blog. Bad!

Photobby said...

Wonderful perspective. (The thought) I always enjoy your images, glad to see you back at D-grin. (I've been gone for a while too, and hope to do more than just lurk this time!)