Sunday, December 21, 2008


I love Christmas. Absolutely LOVE it. And it is so much more special with the children, watching their excitement build as they stare in amazement at all of the lights and decorations and sing along to my favorite carols. This year we've really been trying to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and my heart warms through and through when I see both of my children to gaze in wonderous awe at the baby Jesus in any nativity scene.

We went to see The Nativity Ballet performance by the Steps of Faith dance company this past week and it was really lovely. They did such a great job! J and I went to get our hair done this weekend too...J's first professional haircut. It looks so cute!

All of the shopping is complete, my wrapping is done, tomorrow is cleaning and laundry day. Tuesday we'll be helping set up our Church at the Civic Center for the Christmas Eve service. I know it will be beautiful!
We've had a TON of rain this past week. Perfect for a puddle-jumping, mud-pie-making exploration for the girls. They had a blast!

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