Saturday, November 8, 2008

This week has been a good one, although a little tiring. I'm still dealing with the asthma crap, and now the doctor has put me on prednisone for 4 days. He says that should wipe it out. I really hope so!
We've spent the week preparing activities for school (Nativity and Thanksgiving lapbooks, country studies, book studies, etc.). We have almost completed our study on Egypt and the coinciding lapbook, and J is sure she now wants an Abyssinian. :) We went to the Chattanooga Zoo where J had a zoo "I Spy..." to complete. She had to write the name and draw a picture of "an animal with scales, an animal with fur, an animal that lays eggs" etc. It was the first time she has really taken her time to look at the animals and it made a big impact. The zoo is laid out by continents, which is perfect for our geographical studies. We've almost got the lapbook on animals completed now too.
N is sick (again) and was running a fever all last night, super congested and pretty miserable. looks like Todd will be staying home with her tomorrow while I go run the church nursery. Praise the Lord that I have Christina helping me now - it really makes me able to handle it so much better.

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